Living legacies

The Handbook

Living Legacies

A family funeral handbook for an evergreen world 
By Lynda Hannah

“Just finished your excellent book – congratulations! Well laid out – to the point, and most encouraging.”
Andrew Dixon – Mussel Inn

This is a book for mortals. Read it only if you recognise that life is finite, and you want to prepare for the inevitable.

A Living Legacies funeral is an environmentally-responsible and meaningful celebration of life. This handbook explains why low-cost, natural funerals are healthier for your family and your planet, and how to arrange one with or without employing a funeral director.

This manual was written by Lynda Hannah, director of Living Legacies Ltd, and published by the Living Library. It has a slightly larger print size than normal to make reading easier for those with failing eyesight. It is bound by hand.

A gentle, thought-provoking book about living and dying which will inspire and empower you to make informed choices while you can. However, Living Legacies is more about living than it is about dying because in the context of death, life has meaning.

If you’d like to leave a living legacy, if you have elderly parents, or you know anyone who may
die one day, you need to read this book….

“I just wanted to let you know I’m delighted with the ‘Living Legacies’ book I purchased recently.”
Raewyn Marks

The benefits of a Living Legacies funeral are:

    • Environmental:
      Reduces pollution and helps preserve our natural ecosystems
    • Financial:
      Saves $1000s on funeral costs
    • Emotional:
      Improves support in time of grief
    • Social:
      Builds communities
    • Psychological:
      Encourages acceptance and healthy grieving
    • Spiritual:
      Creates a loving and meaningful celebration of life

“Congratulations, Lynda, on an excellent book.”  — Jean Hera

Price $35 including postage in New Zealand. To order your copy, transfer $35 to Living Legacies, 38 9022 0658517 00.