Living legacies



The next Living Legacies’ natural funeral workshop is on Thursday April 11th at 2.30pm
 at Motueka Community House in Decks Reserve, Motueka.
Bookings essential, by April 8th to secure your place.
$50 per person, or $80 per couple.

Please email me to book:

Living Legacies offers personalised workshops about living, dying and funerals. These can help you plan your funeral and make your wishes known to your family and friends, and/or explore your feelings and any fears you may have about your death or the death of someone you love.

We also offer remote workshops via Zoom, for those who live elsewhere around the world.

We also offer workshops to family* groups. These workshops are helpful whether someone has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or not (because, let’s face it, we are all mortal), and as an opportunity to build on your relationships and communicate your feelings, plans, worries, and hopes around loss and death with one another.

A funeral can be a time of huge conflict if the deceased’s wishes are not fully communicated, understood, and accepted by all. Grieving can be prolonged if it’s complicated by regrets such as “We should have done…”, and “I wish I had said something”, and “Now it’s too late.” Conversely, it can also be a time of celebration, understanding and love. While funerals are seldom enjoyable, groups who have participated in a Living Legacies workshop and discussed the matter in depth before someone dies usually manage the event much more gracefully than those who are emotionally unprepared.

For information about arranging a workshop in your area, please click here.
Our workshops cater for the needs of groups of 3 to 40 people, can be designed and varied according to participants wishes, and held anywhere in New Zealand. So please let us know what your requirements are.
*Living Legacies uses the word “family” to describe any group of people bound together by choice or any common thread.

Workshops can cover:

  • How and why to plan your own funeral
  • How to arrange a funeral for someone you love
  • The environmental implications of the funeral industry and the effect on those left behind
  • How to save $1000s in funeral expenses
  • The value of a meaningful celebration of life
  • Grieving and how to support someone bereaved
  • Natural burial parks
  • Communicating your feelings about death with your loved ones
  • Grief and family dynamics
  • How and why to preserve your personal life legacy through photos, journalling, memoirs, autobiography, ethical wills etc.