Living legacies

​What Living Legacies can do for you

Are you wondering what Living Legacies can do for you?

Here are a few things….

  • Help you plan your own or your loved one’s funeral at any time
  • Help you make the difficult decisions like burial/cremation, where, how, etc
  • Support during the days either side of death
  • Provide information on the practical details of funerals
  • Someone to talk to about your feelings about death
  • Support for family members
  • Help you create a photographic or video legacy
  • Guidance about children’s involvement in the process
  • Supply biodegradable and sustainably-produced coffins
  • Provide information about regulations, rights, and responsibilities, etc
  • Counselling for grief or other issues
  • Help you write an Ethical Will
  • Lobby for changes in out-dated laws
  • Provide books and other resources to facilitate your grieving
  • Workshops and education programmes about death, dying and funerals
  • Encourage autonomy and individuality in the process of dying and after-death care
  • Accept and work within your spiritual belief system
  • Provide information, and links to organisations, resources and information on environmental matters, climate change, forests, conservation, and what else you can do to help our planet
  • Help establish support groups if required
  • Promote the concept of free and informed choice
  • Encourage a consultative, inclusive and community-centred focus
  • Act with respect and sensitivity to people’s lives, needs and feelings
  • Celebrate life!